Adorable Desolation: a little drawn story about a shopclerk-- and magic
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          Some sketches, and some things I've tried as I'm learning what's what.
          (I've discovered GIMP is not the monster I thought it was)

little banner with link
Whoo! It took me a while, but here's a little signature banner.

sad shopclerk pog      shopclerk pog      first kiss       
POG designs for the ComicGenesis front page, I chose the one on the far left to submit.
I resubmitted my pog in COLOR! and here it is shopclerk in color

AD newsbox "AD newsbox" In this ad Shopclerk looks terrified and She looks vicious.
This pleases me to no end.

chibi avatar  Forum Avatar I'm thinking of using. Then I tell everyone I'm a dude, freak em out

angry bunny Angry bunny avatar

  dancing cast
Can you guess what song they are dancing to? I had one in mind when I drew this.

The main characters Left to right: Izzy, Sterling, Jill, Shopclerk and Girl with oddly blond hair

  scaring the kids
Shopclerk bakes cookies for preschoolers, Sterling and Girl come along, I'll need to fix her eyes one day

She beats the snot out Shopclerk, She's SO mean. (I'm starting to think he likes it rough)

  the happy place
The first place Shopclerk was truly happy. Adorably Desolate

Here's some chibis I was scribbling. (for those who don't know, a chibi is a mini or "babified" version of a  character)

chibi girl  chibi Shopclerk 
Chibi Girl and Chibi Shopclerk

 chibi jill  chibi Izzy     chibi_sterling
Chibi Jill, Chibi Izzy, and Chibi Sterling


   chibii buruburu    chibi Buruburu
Chibi Buruburu     
Buruburu is a Japanese yokai. A yokai is a spiritual manifestation of an idea or a concept (or a demon, depending on your point of view.)
Buruburu is the yokai of the unexplained shiver (sudden creepy goosebumps) I cosplayed her in a parade. I sweated like a flannel wearing lumberjack in a Swedish sauna. Three layers of silk kimono; in full sun, marching  in a parade, in August, think about it.

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Adorable Desolation Is the story of a befuddled amnesiac shopclerk, and the people who may or may not know his true identity.
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