Adorable Desolation: a little drawn story about a shopclerk-- and magic
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Behind the scenes. A short documentary film about the making of the classic summer blockbuster,  SHARK!
Then: What happened?  SHARK: Dead or Alive?  A look back at the life of the star of the movie SHARK, Shark. Including disturbing new video of his possible demise.  

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Oh, I read webcomics- maybe a little TOO much.
Here are some of the ones I read, in no particular order....

A Girl and her Fed
    The story of a Girl, her Fed and thirty billion undead pixies
    Formally Starslip Crises, art appreciation in spaaaaaace!
Order of the Stick
    Everyone's genre savvy to the rules of D&D in this adventure, and who knew simplistic stick figures could have so much emotion
Blank it
    Wow! Really weird and really funny, it takes place in world with bizarre physics
    Dan and Mabs furry adventures, has anthro characters
Flaky pastry
    A catgirl, an elf and a goblin share an apartment
Girl Genius
    Mad science! humor, love, adventure
    The first web comic I ever read
Chainsaw suit
    Awesome gagstrip, made by the guy who does Starslip (humor)
Emergency Exit
    Roommates have a dimensional portal in their apartment building
Goodbye Chains
    Bishie bank robbers in the wild west!
    A murder mystery set in a world were magic works, has anthro characters
Zap  (in space)
    Adventures of a ships crew in... you know...  space
Go fish
    Gods fighting for supremcy; with humans in the middle
    Beautifully illustrated -  Started out as a D&D parody, but  it evolved. Completed
    Math and geek gagstrip (humor)
    The creator of Roomies, It's Walky, and Joyce & Walky, REALLY likes transformers, Shortpacked is NOT about transformers- the guy just really likes them

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Adorable Desolation Is the story of a befuddled amnesiac shopclerk, and the people who may or may not know his true identity.
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